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International Centre for Missing and exploited children. (END VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN)

Missing people INTERPOL

Database of Missing Persons and unidentified bodies INTERPOL) ( a project is under way to create the first ever police database to identify and link missing persons and unidentified bodies on an international level. The Fast and Efficient International Disaster Victim IDentification (FASTID) Project was launched in 2010 with an overall budget of almost EUR 3 million; led by INTERPOL and partly funded by the European Commission, the project will establish an international system to manage enquiries concerning missing persons and unidentified bodies in the event of disasters as well as day-to-day policing and will result in the creation of a global Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies (MPUB) database.)

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Families of Sisters in Spirit

Red Circle Alert (Missing Indigenous Women)

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls/Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Ensaaf (a mission to end impunity)


UNICRI :: United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

INTERVICT - Tilburg University

Rawa News

Canada Tibet Committee | Home

This is a very interesting topic;  many Americans who wanted to avoid the Depression went to Russia for work, only to end up in Stalin’s gulags:

The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia (Tim Tzouliadis)

Mistreated WWII Veterans


International Commission on Missing Persons 


COLD CASE: Melanie Ethier's mother continues the search, 20 years later

Missing People Canada

Missing Persons New Zealand

Missing People UK

Missing Persons Australia

Missing Persons/South African Police Service


Latin America and the Caribbean/International Commission on Missing Persons 

FBI - wanted and missing

Natalee Holloway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another family devastated by Natalee’s killer:

YouTube - Holloway Suspect Sought in Peru Murder

Stephany Flores murder

'Caylee's Law' petition drive: Do missing child laws need to change? - CSMonitor.com

Polly Klaas Foundation - Polly's Story

International Society for Animal Rights

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