Photogallery 2 

2010 was a very sad year for us; we lost Pandora and Trilby.

Also, it was difficult when Stella passed away in May 2011.  She had one very good year with Aida and Tosca.  They were very sad to lose her….

Here are pictures of our two new members

Meet Tosca (on the right)

and Aida (left)

Strathkirk Burmese

Tosca (left) and Aida (right)

More pictures:



Aida with Stella

Stella’s boots

Tosca with Apple's Snow Leopard 

Photos taken around September 2010:    

Tosca,  just like Odette:

Two adorable St. Bernard puppies, mummy is on the left with Mark:

Mark: 416-832-2577

2 male St Bernards left; 12 weeks old, dewormed and 1st shots

Hawai'i November 2012

Waikiki Beach:

Duke P. Kahamoku, nicknamed “ Duke" and “the Big Kahuna " (August 24 1890 - January 22 1968).  A native Hawaiian, popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing; five-time Olympic medalist in swimming.

Pearl Harbor survivor

On Board the USS Missouri:

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