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Aida and Tosca have grown too big 

for the cat tree

Trafalgar Square, London UK, August 2013

Lincoln Center Public Art: Aaron Curry

"Melt to Earth", November 2013

Central Park, Fall 2013

The Met, NYC, 2011:

When the Metropolitan Opera was constructed along with the rest of the Lincoln Center in the early 1960’s, the Austrian government donated 350 Swarovski chandeliers, sconces and light fixtures to the open house, “a shining and glittering symbol..” - according to the Austrian Foreign Minister at the time -  ..of the friendship between Austria and the United States".  Rath’s starburst designs, expressing a celestial theme, were inspired by the Sputnik (the Russian government had just landed the first orbital satellite into space in 1957).  Such glittering designs were popular at the time, making them a perfect symbol of a glamorous night at the Opera and Ballet...extracts from the New York Times. 

After a performance at the Lincoln Centre (summer 2015)

Royal Opera House Winter 2014:

Covent Garden, Winter 2014


Lincoln Center NYC, June 2014

"PHOENIX” by Chinese artist XU BING: Catheral of St. John the Divine (Amsterdam Avenue Cathedral), Upper West Side, NYC. Two birds made of construction scraps collected in Beijing lined with LED lights - “ ...Phoenix is the symbol of power, strength and renewal.  The bird burns brightly in a myriad of cultures, with each one having their own spin on the meaning of the Phoenix….."

MANHATTAN Summer 2014


Stella at 4 months (1994):

Pandora at 6 months with Carol (1992):


Halloween, Brooklyn NY, 2013

Halloween, Brooklyn NY, 2013          


Carol, in 1982 Leningrad (now St. Petersburg);  behind her the Neva and Hermitage.  

"Rotislav Zakharov (1907-1984). Soviet dancer,choreographer, ballet director and teacher.Choreographed ballets for the Mariinsky  Theatre and was a founding member of the choreographic faculty at the Institute in Moscow from 1958.The Fountain of Bakhchisarai ( music Asafiev 1934), was one of the most important ballets in the Kirov's repertoire and was subsequently staged by virtually every ballet company in the former Soviet Union. Its success due to applying Stanislavski's ideas about theatre to ballet,(emphasizing its dramatic aspect), as well as to the power of its literary source."

Oxford Reference.

We had the greatest privilege of meeting this great choreographer and we took part in one of his choreographic classes; it was unforgettable.

The following is a clip from his ballet The Fountain of Bakhchisarai (1953) with Ulanova and Plisetskaya:

Situated in front of the Gothic Church of Sainte Eustache next to Les Halles shopping centre in the 1er arrondissement; one of the most impressive examples of modern sculptural arts, called “L’Ecoute” (‘Listen”), created by Henri de Miller in 1986.  This is a 70 ton abstract sculpture of a head resting on a hand made of sandstone.  It presents a striking contrast between “old and new”, a defining characteristic of Paris.

(published by Silverquill,, posted by Dorcadion Team).


Inside the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, home of the Canadian Opera Company, and the National Balletof Canada:


Winter in Athens, 1987, on Mt. Hymettus South-East of Athens.  The classical well known honey from thyme is still produced the same way as it was in antiquity. Mount Hymettus has been locally known as “Trelos” which means “mad” in Greek, probably due to the wild behaviour of bees, or the unstable weather, and others believe it’s the corrupt word of 15th Century French “Tres Long” (Too Long).  An extensive restoration of trees,(a reafforestation program) after World War II has produced some positive results….(extracts from Britannica and   

Cross country skiing, Rovaniemi (Finnish Lapland - the official hometown of Santa Claus), 1982

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