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OLD SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO: a 465 year old neighbourhood, originally conceived as a military stronghold includes hundreds of carefully restored 16th and 17th century colonial buildings: a bit of the “Old World”, especially given the narrow, steep, colourful streets (2015, Magaly Rivera).

A charming local encounter 



Only open 5 months; the owners have found an entrepreneurial way to tide out the recession- a chocolate cafe. The shop is a blend of gastronomy and art, incorporating a small museum, detailing the history of the business and an art exhibition. Features:   Montezuma hot chocolate with a kick of chili - Adams Organic Chocolate Stout ( sourced from Northern England). The chocolate beans are imported from Costa Rica.( From: My Destination Puerto Rico).  

Puerto Rico (Rich Port), founded in 1521, a natural harbour

large and very busy, the centre of Caribbean shipping (Magaly Rivera, 2015)

Puerto Rico - 2016

Old San Juan….

The Puerto Rican Coqui is a tiny tree frog onomatopoeically named for their loud mating call.  For Puerto Ricans the Coqui frogs are not just a constant melodious sound that is always in the background of their lives, but also are a very special part of their culture, and are highly revered in their native land, Puerto Rico.  The Coqui is a national symbol and island mascot.

All species of eleutherodactylus (meaning free toes) are characterized by direct development in which eggs hatch into small frogs, the tadpole stage being passed in the egg itself (, and Wikipedia)


Coqui el Original


Salsa charm by N. Barquet in 14K gold                          

 Enid Silvestry, Puerto Rico

Condado, an oceanfront, tree-lined pedestrian-oriented community.



                                       Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square; Pan Am and

                                        Parapan Games, 2015

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