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Le Vieux Quebec (August 2015) - 

A picturesque sloping city which you can easily walk in a day (and get a good workout!),  Jacques Cartier, born in Saint-Malo France, arrived here in 1534. 

Chateau Frontenac 

Named after the Count of Frontenac, Governor of what was called then New France, from 1672.  Here in 1943, Churchill, Roosevelt and Mackenzie King discussed the strategy of WWII.  Now it is the Fairmount Hotel.  In 1953, the Chateau Frontenac was used as the filming location for Alfred Hitchcock’s film “I Confess” featuring Montgomery Clift and Anne Baxter.

Ice cream to die for….

 The St. Lawrence River/Fleuve St. Laurent; in the age of sail it held a dominant position as a port of entry and exit for ocean-going vessels, and quickly became the transfer port for domestic and foreign trade, especially fur and timber.

Pearson Airport: HEAVY PACKER

Heathrow Airport (2015)

Renamed Royal Opera House in 1892, the Opera House was reopened on February 1946 with a performance of the Sleeping Beauty.  Both the Opera and Ballet were awarded Royal Charters, the Royal Ballet in 1956 and the Royal Opera in 1968. (ROH website)

Around the neighbourhood of the Fielding (Hotel) named after Sir John Fielding (1721-1780), magistrate of Bow Street police court. 

 From the 16th till 18th centuries Covent Garden was a fruit and vegetable market, and also a location for the sex trade named by Sir John “ the square of Venus”; this area attracted theatre goers.  Flower girls - reminiscent in George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion -  supplemented their income with prostitution.  In 1972 Hitchcock’s “Frenzy” was partly filmed in Covent Garden, notably at the  Globe Pub on Bow Street.  In 1980 after a redevelopment battle Covent Garden Market opened as a major tourist and shopping destination.


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